Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Cape Grace - Chardonnay Semillon

Here's my wine for tonight (I realise that the last post was also posted tonight, it was in fact started on saturday but I only finished it today). It is a Cape Grace Chardonnay - Semillon from South Africa.. and Somerfield, again. It is pretty drinkable, but not overwhelmingly full of flavour. In fact, I couldn't name a flavour at all at first drink. I checked the online reviews (I always feel like I'm cheating or something doing this, but my flat mates aren't exactly into tasting what they consume, at least not enough to be bothered to try and describe it, so it's the closest I've got to having someone to bounce ideas off) and it was described as a pear tasting wine. I'm sorry I just couldn't taste it.

That is, I couldn't taste it until I had had a mouthful of my meal (thyme rainbow trout with rosemary new potato mash). The slurp I had after this was full of fruit , especially pear, flavours. I'm back to drinking it sans food now and, though it's drinkable, there's nothing much going on again. How interesting!

This wine is obviously one that is great with food, but on it's own lacks much punch. I continue to learn, and be utterly amazed.

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