Saturday, 1 March 2008

Synchronicity and Ketchup

  Isn't it odd how people come up with the same things at the same time. I have been wanting to do a dish with a sweet, tomato ketchup style sauce for ages . 
  I made the dish (I'll post it soon, honest, I've just forgotten to bring my camera with the photos on it on the trip I am on) and had some of the tomatoes left over. I also had a mango, that was quickly going off, and some strawberries (both also left over from the dish). Seeing as the sauce for the dish had turned out so well, yesterday I decided to use up these ingredients making a tomato, mango and strawberry ketchup.
  The recipe was derived from the recipe in "In Search of Perfection" (by Heston Blumenthal) for a strong tomato ketchup which he uses for his hamburger. 

Loose Recipe: 
  Take some ripe tomatoes (I used plum and cherry) and chop them up roughly. Simmer them in a pan until they are soft. Push through a sieve into another pan. 
  Take the flesh of a ripe mango and do the same (sieving into the same pan as the tomato). 
  Do the same for the strawberries.
  Simmer this melange of fine fruit pulp until the consistency of ketchup. 
  Add salt and vinegar to taste (you might not need vinegar... you might not even need salt.. it's up to you).

  My ketchup turned out really well.
  Here's the strange thing, as I was simmering the sauce I went into my living room and caught the end of Jamie Oliver's show... He Was Making Ketchup!! ... Isn't that a coincidence!
  I just checked my rss reader for the first time today and saw this from Ideas in Food: Home Made Ketcup. Now I may have just watched Dave Gorman's Googlewhack Adventure too many times, but this all seems very coincidental to me.

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