Thursday, 2 October 2008

Peasant Food

In my cooking I tend to get very interested in one area or world cuisine, say sushi, pasta, french, czech, mushrooms, and just learn as much as I can about it, cook as much as I can within that area until I get interested in something else and go off and do that for a while.
Having decided I needed a new interest, and coupled with the general "credit crunch" feeling (hmm.. I wonder how easy it is to make cereal - "Credit Crunch" might be an idea) I have recently been delving into what I've loosely termed "Peasant Food".
By this I mean stews, pies, soups, etc. The stuff you can make cheaply for lots of people, usually the warming winter food.. but let's face it - it's basically winter now, and has been since June.
I'll be posting up the recipes for the dishes I've been making, including duck confit stew, mince and potato pies, ham and cabbage soup. It's turning out to be an interesting adventure - I can't believe I've spent so long learning "fiddly" dishes and not explored these fundamental "hearty" meals.

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